Putting the Spark Back in the Marriage: 3 Secrets that Sex Counsellors Would Like You to Know

Physical intimacy is important for sustaining a marriage. Studies show that 88.2% of Australian men and 79.5% of women claim that an active sex life is important for personal well being. Lack of sex in a marriage can result in bitterness, one party feeling rejected and unloved and many other issues. If you and your spouse have been struggling to get that spark back in the marriage, speaking to a sex counsellor can help both of you work through this issue. Here are 3 secrets that can put the chemistry back where it belongs.

Get the Ideas Flowing

Sex can get a bit boring or mundane after being with the same person or trying the same positions and routine over and over again. Add some spice back into your marriage by getting some ideas flowing. Most sex counsellors will recommend that each partner read an array of different materials to come up with unique ideas. It's also a good idea to take a breather and to step back and fantasize. Counselling is a safe place where you can explore fetishes you might have been too shy to share before.

Make a To Do List

Getting back into the game can be difficult when you and your spouse has been in a long rut. Make sex fun again by making a to do list. Don't only schedule in time for physical intimacy each week, but also create a to do list on all of the things that you'd like to try. The counsellor can help you and your partner learn how to better communicate boundaries with one another. They'll also teach you how to show support when your partner opens up to you.

Get Comfortable in Your Own Body

It's difficult to relax and enjoy yourself unless you're comfortable with your own body. A counsellor can help you work through any fears or insecurities that you might have had before. They'll help you learn how to control your anxiety and learn how to be more comfortable with your own body. You'll spend a lot more time getting to know yourself more intimately before sharing various experiences with your partner. Becoming more comfortable in your own body can also help you get past self-esteem issues and feel more confident.


There might be a lot of deep rooted ideas that you have about sex that prevent you from fully enjoying yourself or prevent you from exploring with your partner. You might also have a communication issue with your partner when it comes to such a sensitive topic. A counsellor helps both parties work through their insecurities and issues and open up to one another for a better marriage. For more information, contact a local counsellor.