Reasons To Visit A Relationship Counselor

The decision to book a session with a relationship counsellor does not come easy. More often than not, couples will decide to see a professional when their union is almost irretrievably broken. However, there are various reasons why you should see a relationship counsellor at an early stage. The professional can quickly identify the root cause of your problems, boost communication and intimacy in the relationship. The extract below details a few tell-signs that you and your partner require the services of a relationship counsellor. 


There are two types of infidelity in a relationship: unfaithfulness and financial infidelity. If your spouse has been cheating on you, you may feel that they are no longer worthy of your love. Additionally, you may be angry or develop low esteem issues. In most cases, you will feel an urge to take revenge. However, this will only make your relationship worse. A relationship counsellor can help you deal with your partner's infidelity and overcome feelings of anger and vengeance. In some cases, the counsellor's input will help you decide if you want to repair or dissolve the relationship. 


There are different types of traumas that could affect your relationship. For example, you might have lost a child or experienced a traumatic event such as an accident, illness or burglary. Each individual has their own way of coping with trauma. For example, while you may want to discuss the issue, your partner may want to go silent and drink their stress away. In the long run, this trauma affects how you relate to your partner. A relationship counsellor will help you cope with your trauma and understand your partner's actions. It makes it easy for you to heal and resume your happy days. 

If You Come From Different Culture

If you are in a relationship with someone from a different culture, you may experience a conflict of cultures. For example, your partner may not appreciate cultural practices that you hold dear. Likewise, you may not understand your partner's love language since it is different from yours. For example, while you may want them to make a public display of affection, their culture may not accommodate such practices. A relationship counsellor will help you understand your partner and vice versa. In the long run, you will learn how to blend both cultures. 

If You Experience Intimacy Issues

Most relationships experience intimacy issues at some point. In some cases, couples are unable to discuss these issues openly. In the long run, the relationship becomes dysfunctional intimacy is a vital pillar of any relationship. A relationship counsellor can help bring back intimacy into your life. Ideally, they will help you identify the barriers to intimacy and provide you with exercises to rekindle your sex life. 

Top reasons to visit a relationship counsellor include infidelity, trauma, cultural conflicts and lack of intimacy.