Critical Qualities of Professional Counselling Services

According to research, about 1 in 5 Australians suffered from a mental condition in 2018. Despite the disturbing figures, many people are still shying away from seeking counselling services. It can be attributed to various factors, including misinformation about counselling, denial and bad experiences with previous counsellors. Therefore, if you are a friend, a parent, a guardian or a partner to someone suffering from mental health conditions, you should encourage them to seek professional help.

How to Know If You Need to Consult a Psychologist

Many people suffering from depression have no idea what they're going through. They suffer in silence, battling grief or other feelings that disturb their mind daily. If that is what you're going through, you might be suffering from depression. And, it might be dangerous to your health if you don't talk to someone about what's bothering you. Luckily, you can get all the support and help you need when you visit a professional counsellor.

Don't Live in an Illusory World! 3 Ways Counselling Will Help You Fight Anxiety and Its Effects

Anxiety compromises the quality of your life and it could also be detrimental to your health. Anxiety is often a constant worry about an issue or even the future or the past. When you are anxious about the past or the future, you hardly focus on the things happening now. However, anxiety is not sometimes as bad as it seems to be since it helps people to be attentive to something that might harm them.

4 Benefits That Marriage Counselling May Bring to Your Relationship

Hurdles and issues in a marriage are a normal and accepted part of life. However, some of these problems may escalate and become serious, which may cause distress and unhappiness within the relationship, with the possibility of divorce. It may seem like both people are trying to resolve these issues but things are simply not improving. In this case, marriage counselling may be a valid option to explore. While many people don't see counselling as necessary or may be too uncomfortable to share their problems with a third party, it is worth considering the possible benefits this may bring into the marriage and decide if it is something you and your partner need.

Putting the Spark Back in the Marriage: 3 Secrets that Sex Counsellors Would Like You to Know

Physical intimacy is important for sustaining a marriage. Studies show that 88.2% of Australian men and 79.5% of women claim that an active sex life is important for personal well being. Lack of sex in a marriage can result in bitterness, one party feeling rejected and unloved and many other issues. If you and your spouse have been struggling to get that spark back in the marriage, speaking to a sex counsellor can help both of you work through this issue.